The genus Sorghum includes three distinct types used as forage crops. They are Sudangrass, Sorghum X Sudangrass and Forage Sorghum. The three plant types have different physical appearance, growth habits and modes of principal forage utilization.


  • Very fine stems and narrow leaves
  • Profuse tillering
  • Rapid regrowth after cutting or grazing
  • Primarily used for intense grazing or silage
  • Less prussic acid risk than hybrid sorghum x sudangrass

Sorghum X Sudangrass

  • Moderately coarse stems and wide leaves
  • Moderate tillering
  • Moderately slow regrowth after cutting
  • Primarily used for pasture, silage or coarse hay

Forage Sorghum

  • Coarse stems and wide leaves
  • Limited tillering
  • Very slow regrowth after cutting
  • Primarily used as a one-cut  silage crop