Hi-Gest® Sudangrass Management

managementHi-Gest Sudangrass is a fast growing, summer annual with multiple harvest flexibility. It features aggressive tillering, fine stems, leafiness, rapid recovery after cutting or grazing, and is adapted to areas where Sorghum X Sudangrass Hybrids or open pollinated Sudangrass are grown. Well suited for direct pasture, dried hay, green chop or silage.

The Crop Overview and Production Guide represents sixty years of agronomic experience and knowledge about this versatile and profitable crop. Use the table of contents below to find the information you are looking for to maximize the potential of your farms summer annual forage program.

Crop Origin

Morphological Description

Geographic Adaption

 Crop Utilization

  • Primary High Value Crop
  • Double Cropping
  • Emergency Forage
  • Special Uses

Crop Management

  • Temperature Requirements
  • Seed Bed, Rows & Planters
  • Fertility Requirements
  • Weed Control
  • Seed Selection
  • Disease and Insects

Harvest Time and Cutting

Management Cautions

  • Nitrate Poisoning
  • Prussic Acid Poisoning                                                                                  Click Here for a Printable PDF

On-Farm Utilization

  • Yield
  • Forage Quality