Seed Availability

Hi-Gest® Sudangrass Seed Availability

Contact the following licensed marketers for availability, pricing and grower testimonials about Hi-Gest Sudangrass. Each company will direct you to the closest representative to your farm.

Ampac Seed Company – Pro-Max™ Low Lignin Hybrid Sudangrass
32727 Hwy 99E, PO Box 318
Tangent, OR 97389-0318
Contact: Fred Fowler
Phone: 800-547-3230
1701 Towanda Ave.
Bloomington, IL 61701
Contact: Dave Gentry
Phone: 309-557-6397
Producer’s Choice – HayKing II Hybrid Sudangrass
16690 Greystone Lane
Jordan, MN 55352
Contact: Kevin Keckley – Eastern Cornbelt, Mid-Atlantic and Northwest, 614-581-5497
Doug Bastian – Upper Midwest, Cornbelt, Mid-South and Southeastern States, 651-408-5402
Tom Miles – Western Cornbelt, California, Southwest and Pacific Northwest, 208-250-3402

Southern States
Richmond, VA 23260
Phone: 804-281-1000